Friday, May 17, 2013

Beer and sausages

Here in Australia, for some crazy reason, if you look for sausages you can easily find something containing a dead cow. No, my dears, those are beef sausages. Sausages have to contain pork.

That is something this bloke clearly understood.

On arriving from South Africa in 1970, O’Hagan fell in love with British beer but was appalled by the sausages, which since the Second World War had been filled with rusk and meat scraps to keep down costs. “They are the bin-end of the meat industry”, a butcher admitted to him. O’Hagan began making sausages in his garage as a hobby, and selling them to colleagues while working on the paper’s late night desk. But as his fame grew in the pubs of Fleet Street and then Docklands, he smelt further opportunities. Applying the rule “No artificial anything”, he used good quality meat with a minimum of salt and often flavoured with beer, inventing varieties he called Drunken Duck, Tipsy Turkey and Gussy Goose.

Rest in peace.